Rejuvenate and Revitalise, Body and Mind!  A Story of Enlivenment through Pilates.


Overweight and in Pain!


Exercise had never interested me. Sport didn’t appeal - I wasn’t competitive - and commuting two hours a day to London, I had subscribed to the excuse that there wasn’t time for exercise!


At thirty-two I was twenty-one pounds overweight and struggling with lower back, neck and shoulder pain. I knew it was going to get worse over time. So when a friend asked to practise her Pilates course on me, I agreed.


I understood the principles but couldn’t even hold myself in a four point kneeling position for two seconds!


Journey to Wellness!


Thinking consciously about how I moved brought about significant physical changes. My shoulders strengthened and my lower back released. I started to feel more connected to, and more comfortable in, my skin.


Feeling more vibrant physically inspired me in other areas. I made ethical food choices, indulged my passions for travel and writing, and embraced financial opportunities.


Start Enjoying LIfe Now!


I wanted to share this feeling with everyone, so signed up for the course! 


I learned that, over years, our bodies have often practised incorrect motor skills. This creates automatic movement patterns that leave our bodies in pain and muscular immobility.


Habits formed over a lifetime can be relearned mentally and retained in the muscles through Pilates!


Pilates continues to enliven me body and mind, every time a client experiences their own benefits. 


Get started and discover where Pilates can take you!





Pilates “is the equivalent of an internal shower! As the spring freshness born of the heavy rains and vast masses of melting snows on mountains cause rivers to swell and rush turbulently onward to the sea, so too will your blood flow with renewed vigour!” - Joseph Pilates